Our Purpose

As the world of paid content changes, so the providers of that content need to be more visionary, agile and efficient than ever before.

Consumers expect to access content as easily as water from a tap.  They want their providers to suggest a great new movie, TV show or digital service before they even know it exists.  They want a great at-home experience and they want it across any screen, at any time, anywhere.

Caldero exists to help our customers make this happen. Experience is everything and we deliver that experience.

Caldero provides connected IP and broadband devices, software and services that enable our customers to deliver an amazing content experience to their consumers.  We work with a range of companies, from new over-the-top content providers to major satellite, cable and telco operators in markets across the world to deliver content to consumers quickly and seamlessly, regardless of context or device.

Our Perspective

Caldero was created in 2014 to bring something new to the digital and connected TV industry.  Our team are industry veterans with decades of experience and knowhow but, as a new company, we bring a fresh perspective. We work across any platform and we won’t lock you into specific hardware or software – in short, we design the content delivery systems that are right for our customers and their customers – no catches, no limits.  We work with our customers to apply big data and personalise content, ensuring that consumers receive a tailored experience and interface to increase satisfaction, loyalty and ARPU.

Our technology works across cable, IP and satellite networks to allow fast, smooth delivery of all types of content to consumers – from live streamed sports events, to movies, to personalised health and wellbeing data – across all screens and devices around the home.